Thursday, 3 January 2008

Thank you! And some progress

So the first thing to say is Happy 2008 and Thank You! To everyone who reads this blog and buys my work. You have all been incredibly encouraging and kind to me. As a thank you, the first person to comment will get a surprise gift :) - so, comment and i'll get in touch with my email address so you can give me your postal address... I think that's probably the best way of doing it :)

Here's some progress shots of the's frustratingly slow progress, and today I felt I had to actually clean the house and myself! Yes i'm ashamed to say people that I had become a total skank. I think the great idea about getting old is that you could just scud around in your ripped dress covered in paint with dishevelled hair and feel like you'd earned the right.

Cut & gessoed pieces of wood for the the theatre surround

Mixing the basic colours for the whole thing. This is the only way I can work, if I don't mix base colours for everything upfront I get confused and irritable part way through :)

The base colours painted onto the front. This took almost 2 days to do completely! This is because to get total flat coverage with Acrylic inks you have to go over each layer several times.

Details added to the top.

More details on the top and the back panel beneath to show the contrast between the reddy/orange and the blue/green of the backdrop.

A rather desaturated picture of the top and bottom details

Bottom details up close
Full picture - not that great but there you go. There's one last set of things I need to do - the lettering on the top and bottom banners. Also I started painting terllises up the sides and didn't like them so am now having to go over them....phew..I actually thought it'd only take me 3 days to do this front panel but it's taking an age. I'll also be doing some gold edging when all of the details are finished. Then i'll assemble the box istelf and start doing the paper bits! I have another fortnight scheduled off this month so I should be able to finish it. Hopefully without personal hygiene slipping too far ;)


Rekoj said...

This is sure to by my favorite theater yet! I've been a lurker for a bit with your blog in my Reader - your exquisitely detailed work is such an inspiration. Thank you!

marceline said...

Oh, it looks amazing Lindsey! I can't wait to see it finished. I love the thank you image - have you done that as a print as I would totally buy one. It has my perfect mix of cute and evil.

littlerobot said...

Marceline! It's one of about 3 things I never kept a high res scan of! And so, I can't make a print, otherwise I definately would...yes it was both evil and cute. I'm glad someone else liked it :)

Christine said...

I'm coming out of lurking to tell you that you do such beautiful work!

Elizabeth said...

your work makes my head spin - it's so amazing. can't wait to see the final product!

Anonymous said...

of course im not first to comment... :(
but your stuff is still great!