Saturday, 15 May 2010

New things

Just a wee note - i've put some things into my Etsy shop which I haven't done for ages. There's a suede Elizabethan inspired collar and some brooches of varying price.

I'm hoping to do this a bit more often in future - as often as time will allow. I had hoped to pull off a sculptured brooch of my own making (it was to be a a feather) but the materials I used just weren't hard enough and the poor thing crumbled. I'll keep trying though because I like the idea...and well, I want a feather brooch.

Otherwise things are coming along well - setbacks are now lessening as I struggle onwards with the paintings. I'm finally finding paper really quite wonderful to work on - now that the horror of 'no mistakes' has revised many of my working habits.

I hope you're all well x