Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Jumping Jimi and turning 30

Well, this week I turned 30 ( tuesday ) and also had the week off work in order to indulge myself in some making and painting. Unfortunately I also came down with the worst cold i've had in a long time, so i've been making and painting through a sneezing mist. I haven't been out at all due to looking like quasi-modo, however I have soldiered on with the Jumping Jack of Jimi Hendrix I wanted to make. The idea of being ill AND not doing anything creative was too unbearable. So anyway, I took photos as I went. It doesn't really give a great likeness of jimi, the face is a bit long. But I think it has the basic vibe!
The original picture

A drawing

Transfer to wood

Cut out, sand and gesso


Check joints

Et Voila!

Close up of chest

Close up of the face