Saturday, 27 October 2007

Quick update

Thursday night's Glasgow Craft Mafia Party was great. Lots of good things to see and people to talk to. Unfortunately the Paper Forest did get a bit battered after two young men messing around nearby knocked it over ... twice! Fortunately it's fixable. Since then i've been finishing something off for someone and doing some beards...I just couldn't stop myself. One is just literaly a painting of a face with a beard...the, core principle as it were. I haven't scanned that yet but will soon. The other is an art doll of a Mystical Cowboy. He has a beard obviously. He's also vaguely camp looking, which is all to the good. Here's him scanned.

Haven't cut him out yet but will be doing soon and will post photos then. He's going to have a young girl companion, in the fine tradition of Leon.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Better photos and some accessories

Today I managed to produce a few more accssories. A balloon and a mask. I also set up the tripod and took some non-shakey photos. I still feel the pictures are lacking the right atmosphere. I am just not a photographer - I really whish I was. If anyone's got any handy tips for a luddite on a camera, please let me know! Anyway, here's some combinations:

It is basically finished, I listed it for sale last night and then took it down. I think I should really get better photos and anyway, I *may* make more accessories if i'm feeling like it...It just demands more. I listed it in part just to stop doing things..I could probably make this thing forever and I have other things to do. Anyway, I will probably do a paper doll print with some of the accessories. I would love to have the nouse to make a printable paper theatre - the whole thing, but I didn't make it with that plan in mind so it would be very difficult to recreate it.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Paper Forest Update

Please excuse the dodgy photos. I had a quick moment before the batteries died out and it's just the usual shakey-hand, badl-lighting shot i've become accustomed to taking :) Once it's fully completed i'll definately set up a tripod and do the lighting properly...i'm sure I will!

So, as well as a tree paper inset, we now have flowers/grass surround. Both of these can be removed.

Now, there's also the first accessory! A bird cage, which I really enjoyed making! Sorry about the rubbish quality of the gives an idea though. I'll promise better photos very soon!

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Etsy and burning the candle

Last week I was made Featured Seller on Etsy! And a kind of amazing chaos ensued! It was mainly me panicking in my studio at midnight covered in stickers saying '99p' (The cost of the mailing envelopes I used). Turning up to work in the morning late (post office strikes etc) and being, to be honest, amazed at the response.

I have never really gone down the print route, but I had to do it or i'd have had nothing but the Devillish Cake Maker in the shop (old faithful!)..It's been a bit of a revelation in terms of actually funding my own art-making addiction. I could never really do it by making originals..I would manage to service a few bits of paper or wood, but nothing substantial. And also, the first thing I did with the money, the very first thing, was to get my hands on other people's art/creations...It was really weird to realise that I am basically making art so I can own more art.

The forest/paper/girl continues swiftly now that I have 2 glorious weeks off work! I aim to have her, and a special commision finished within the next 2 weeks. There is also the Glasgow Craft Mafia launch on 25th October which i'll be going to. Hopefully i'll be able to display the Devillish cakes and the paper forest and let people mess around with them a bit. That's sort of the whole point isn't it?

Sorry no pictures this time...but soon!