Thursday, 22 May 2008

Made in The Shade

It seems ages! I've been away camping on the North West Coast of scotland. It was superb! I'll post some pics soon as - with or without camera abilities - the landscape is staggering.

Where I live was mentioned in the last posts comments and yes! it is true I live in a place of ridiculous beauty and i'm very grateful for it. Here's the view from the gate.

The island in the distance is Arran.

It's surrounded by animals, we get sheep and lambs obviously, wild deer, rabbits and hares, pheasants, squirrels, foxes, moles (Gigantic mounds all round the house - the little buggers!) and down the road my favourite animal:

When I first moved here 4 years ago (I'm actually from around the Liverpool area) all I did was paint flowers, bumblebees, foxes and things. Very brightly coloured paintings, but unfortunately i'm not sure where they are anymore. Ah well!

Lots has been going on, but the immediate thing i'm looking forward to is attending Made in the Shade,
I had really hoped to be able to do some originals and paint some brooches for this but I originally thought it was next week - hence here I am sans originals. Also, some inks ran out on my printer and I don't have any's one of those snafu situations.

So my plan is to take the few things I have - and also I managed to procure some old antique photos of serious gents and women and i'll paint on them throughout the day- it's a bit different and it gets around this problem of having nothing original there! Should be fun!

If you're around, do pop in and say hi!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Update and stuff

The weather has been a bit drizzly here, so no more wandering down the lane eating chocolate :) This week's been eventful - including an unusual visitor:

The poor thing was found by Rob shivering in the garden (moor with fence round it) bleating like mad. It's mum had gone off somewhere...tsk. So he put it's afterbirth over it (we'd seen on a documentary once that this was how the mothers recognised their lambs) and took it to the sheep and tried to interest one of them in it.....No takers. So he brought it in. All this took place while I was asleep. It was quite a shocker to find a lamb in the kitchen when i stumbled in there for coffee. So sweet though, it's tiny curls, and elegant face. Later on Rob took it out again, still no takers, so we phoned the shpherd and he came round and took it off our hands....Apparebtly sheep do this a lot and eventually come back for them.

It's been a busy weekend, but i'm having's a shot from my table today:
An in progress painting i'm enjoying doing. And here's one for the shop update today:
I loved the curliness of this hair, it gave me enormous pleasure to wiggle the paint around....bit sad but there you go....Everything is going up in my shop now :)