Sunday, 23 September 2007

I'm in love

That's right- in love, but not with a mortal human, oh no...With a trimming shop. Ok, that sounds patehtic, and yet, if you see this place you'll be in love too! The photographs are stunning and are making me desperate to buy supplies and create some kind of bird of paradise head dress...As soon as I get paid..Regard the loveliness:

The place in question is Nicholas Kniel and hopefully something wearable will emerge from me ordering lovely things, and not just me stashing yards of beautfiul ribbon.

Next ace place i've found is Ponoko
It's made quite a splash since it launched a few days ago, and as such the site is practically unusable - well at least you can't log in but you can browse around and find out what it's all about. Essentially it allows you to design and upload eps files to be lasercut from various materials, a local laser cutters (the closest to you) sends you the cut materials....It means it's cheaper and less environmentally damaging for a person to have things produced. If it works out it might just be one of the best services to happen for me...I love to make things from wood, but I am a terrible cutter and I just do not have space or finances for proper tools...This would be a life saver - as soon as I can log in!

Other news is that I joined the Glasgow Craft Mafia yay! They are a great bunch of girls (and one man!) and are getting ready to launch officially in October. I will be helping with the launch as much as possible and will be going to the event, it should be a great evening to see what everyone's doing and do some self-promotion. I will post photos.

Other than that I went out on Friday night and got a bit drunk - well quite drunk actually, and had a great time. Saturday was a tender time which involved a massive lunch with freinds and then a fragile walk up the hill home...It was good to let my hair down though.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Quick update

Aha! This great camera I ave has been taking blurry photos for ages and then I flicked a switch and now it's as sharp as er - a really sharp thing. Wassat all about? I know, I know rtfm.

Ok, so the trees are completed, and here's some pics:
Close up
The only pain in the derrier is that you can't really make out the painted tress on the back panel. Oh well, it's removable. Now for some accessories. If only I had the rest of the week off! boo hoo.

In the forest

So, i've ended up taking 3 days off work in order to make some kind of progress on the forest/theatre scene i've been planning. It's been kinda slow and there's been a lot of interruptions but it is progressing!

The initial scene of chaos - movement of any kind often ended in being glued or cut or both.

Ahhh, finally a solution for the frame of it. I had some thinnish wood veneer, however it wasn't long enough to go all the way around so I divided into 4 sections and had to do something ornamental round the edges to disguise the fact that it wasn't a good circle shape...It worked ok I think.Varnish! Getting high indoors

With doll print-out prototype
Then I had to cut, varnish and assemble the real doll - frightening!
Give it a qick hang to see how it looks. the gold wire will be replaced by some dark greyish wire.
Now, once I got to this point I started to panic because, as per usual I never make plans....So I thought - hmmm, it's very bare looking, even if I start to add other things (Like the bird cage and a floating moon). My original idea had included a cut paper set of trees. But I felt i'd gone too far and couldn't make them now....Then I decided that was rubbish. So now i'm cutting some paper trees which sit *infront* of her, but which she can be seen through easily. They can be removed if not wanted.

Needless to say my fingers are quite sore. Last night I had a couple of glasses of wine and did some tipsy cutting - that's not a good thing! Had to be forced to drop the scalpel :)

Today is my last day off - argh! So i'm going to cut this baby up and tonight am going to a Glasgow Craft Mafia meeting! yay! I was 'made' last week.

Will post the shots of it as it gets nearer completion.