Tuesday, 11 September 2007

In the forest

So, i've ended up taking 3 days off work in order to make some kind of progress on the forest/theatre scene i've been planning. It's been kinda slow and there's been a lot of interruptions but it is progressing!

The initial scene of chaos - movement of any kind often ended in being glued or cut or both.

Ahhh, finally a solution for the frame of it. I had some thinnish wood veneer, however it wasn't long enough to go all the way around so I divided into 4 sections and had to do something ornamental round the edges to disguise the fact that it wasn't a good circle shape...It worked ok I think.Varnish! Getting high indoors

With doll print-out prototype
Then I had to cut, varnish and assemble the real doll - frightening!
Give it a qick hang to see how it looks. the gold wire will be replaced by some dark greyish wire.
Now, once I got to this point I started to panic because, as per usual I never make plans....So I thought - hmmm, it's very bare looking, even if I start to add other things (Like the bird cage and a floating moon). My original idea had included a cut paper set of trees. But I felt i'd gone too far and couldn't make them now....Then I decided that was rubbish. So now i'm cutting some paper trees which sit *infront* of her, but which she can be seen through easily. They can be removed if not wanted.

Needless to say my fingers are quite sore. Last night I had a couple of glasses of wine and did some tipsy cutting - that's not a good thing! Had to be forced to drop the scalpel :)

Today is my last day off - argh! So i'm going to cut this baby up and tonight am going to a Glasgow Craft Mafia meeting! yay! I was 'made' last week.

Will post the shots of it as it gets nearer completion.

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