Saturday, 10 February 2007

Finally - A mechanical device!

So, for a very long time I have loved mechanical things, but haven't the first idea about the realities of mechanics. Last year, a brief and optimistic period was spent trying to make my own wooden gear clock from scratch. This failed spectacularly! Anyway, after that I just made do with drawing pictures of mechanical things (pure fantasy). Then, after drawing the Devillish sweet and Cake Maker I got all irritable because I actually want to build an automaton based on it!

So, then I started looking around at wooden gear clock kits to try and teach myself - and after some searching found a cardboard version!! Yes, cardboard. For a lot of the parts you have to glue layers of card together, but it's a start. Lord knows how far i'll get but hopefully far enough to work out how to build my own mechanisms!