Sunday, 21 June 2009

Covered in carbon

The painting is getting better - layers of oil - lovely.

Another drawing.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sneak a peek

I'm not sure why I always take premature, badly lit photos of what i'm working on - I should probably just wait till i'm finished, but i'm a blabber mouth. I like rabbiting on and constant analysis :)

The angle is squinty, I couldn't be bothered trying to prop it up properly (I've been going running recently and whatever tolerance I once had for late night photographs is completely gone)

There are many things wrong with it, and there's loads more to go. Lots of bees and butterflies, and several beautiful flowers I found pictures of will be painted around the base.

I will say about this piece that it's been reworked so many times you can see raised lines in the paint of old leaves, ex-flowers, null & void petals. But now I feel like I have a base to work with, rather than a big mess which I can't seem to pull together :)

Saturday, 13 June 2009

A bit more

Another drawing. This a more detailed part of the very large painting I have on-hold just now...She is one of the people riding their animals through the forest...I realised part way through that i'd seen an arrangement similar to this before here

Quick Update

Hello there! Thanks all for the feedback on the last post. I appear to be gradually getting the hang of larger painting. Progress is slow but i'm getting used to the pace, it's not ready to show even progress shots yet but soon hopefully.

I got a wee bit tired of working on the same thing yesterday so I started drawing. I was always, really, a better drawer than a painter, but I abandoned it as a final medium when I was forced out of it by my art college teacher.

It is often seen, or certainly it was there, as a secondary art form. I never saw it that way then but I was a little brainwashed afterwards. In any case, since I can't possibly hope to produce a body of paintings in time for September, so my plan is to produce as many drawings as I can...I hope some will make it into paint eventually.

Soft Force