Saturday, 13 June 2009

Quick Update

Hello there! Thanks all for the feedback on the last post. I appear to be gradually getting the hang of larger painting. Progress is slow but i'm getting used to the pace, it's not ready to show even progress shots yet but soon hopefully.

I got a wee bit tired of working on the same thing yesterday so I started drawing. I was always, really, a better drawer than a painter, but I abandoned it as a final medium when I was forced out of it by my art college teacher.

It is often seen, or certainly it was there, as a secondary art form. I never saw it that way then but I was a little brainwashed afterwards. In any case, since I can't possibly hope to produce a body of paintings in time for September, so my plan is to produce as many drawings as I can...I hope some will make it into paint eventually.

Soft Force


ArtSnark said...

lovely piece! You should definitely continue with drawing

Rowena said...

Lovely. Really lovely. Sometimes most of the work of art is done in our psyches. Deprogramming is called for, often, I think.

Art should come from a place outside of style and ego, I think. It might incorporate those things, but it's from a deeper place.

I'm afraid a lot of the art world is style and ego, though. I could be wrong. It would be nice.

mhegedus said...

SO BEAUTIFUL! I love drawing, also.

When I paint I sometimes feel like it has to be PERFECT, but drawing lets me relax and have fun!

Jericho said...

I really like your work! I recently added you to my links. you may look at my blog

Jo James said...

Beautiful! Love the ghotsly erased-out trees.
There was a straight drawing major at my university. It was the toughest area of specialty, hands down.