Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Quick update

Thank you everyone for your incredibly kind response to my last post. I'm so happy because she arrived to her destination and her owner is happy! The perfect end.

I am beginning work on a new theatre over the christmas holidays, it's always the perfect time to make something new. And i'm still wondering what to do with the other paper forest theatre. It's a prototype so it's kind of fiddly and I feel unsure about selling it because of that. I have made prints of the doll that you can assemble for yourself however they're not in the Etsy shop just yet - i'm only selling at markets. But they will probably go up there soon along with the Mystical Cowboy!

In other news i've got a stinker of a cold and am laptop blogging from a cocoon of blankets, tea and shredded tissues. I hate colds but they are really good ways of actually stopping for 5 minutes.

Also, some christmas cards in the shop - they're simple but eh, magical :)

Sunday, 11 November 2007

The lady and the moon

You know sometimes you get asked to do a piece and it's like a dream come true? Well, I just finished one for a fabulous lady who wanted something similar to the paper forest piece. It's based on an old photograph of her grandma sitting on a paper moon. Now, the funny thing is, I was heading in that direction with the paper stuff anyway - moon, clouds, stars etc - it's an obvious step given the classic films and theatre sets which include them. So when she asked I was completely overjoyed.

A still from the classic Voyage dans la lune. And of course there's the Smashing Pumpkins homage to it. I messed around with a few compositions and then made the final sketch:

The idea was to have a wooden backdrop, a circular surround of decotrative wood and 2 layers of cut paper. The moon and grandma hang on a seperate layer. There are also some small accessories like the star and the sun (Who is sleeping in the final one!). I don't have any in-progress photos i'm afraid. I was off work at the time and went into a frenzy of cutting and painting, and emerged without any photos at all. So it's straight to the finished piece:

It was a dream to make it, and now I just have to make sure I wrap it up right and get it there intact!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Etsy just keeps on giving

I am currently at a Flash Conference in Brighton (I work as a Flash developer/Designer by day) and was priveleged to be able to see Jared Tarbell give an inspirational talk. Jared is actually one of (if not *the*) founder of Etsy and also a brilliant producer of generative art. At the conference he also showed (and gave away) some of his beautiful prints (of generative art) and also laser cut wood ...sculptures? I'm not sure of the correct term but they are structures arising, I believe, from his generative stuff.

It was for me the perfect mixture of those 2 worlds. I love generative art and I love well crafted physical things. It never occured to me to mix the 2, but he's done so in a brilliant way. Apparently he may be opening an Etsy shop in the future and he has sold prints on this website previously.