Sunday, 19 August 2007

Paper dolls

Recently i've been jigging between one thing and another. Preparing supports for a new larger painting, fiddling around trying to make a gramophone horn out of wood veneer (futile thus far). And also trying to work out how to get puppets which don't take an age to cut out and sand and prime. Also, wood is not a delicate enough sruface to use for some things, so I thought i'd try paper. Once I hit on that I became (as usual) completely obsessed by it and have an idea for a kind of Theatre scene.

Here's a wee drawing from my sketch book:

I would like to be able to hang the puppet from a discreet rail at the top and also hang other items like a bird cage, balloons, a bird and so on. It would also be great to acquire a Timber slice as a frame. I've done some searching and can't find anything big enough yet.

Either way it will probably be around 3 layers of forest trees cut out and framed by circular cuts of wood, and puppets hung in front. I have already painted the paper doll. (It looks better if you click on it and get the full size!) she has movable limbs.
She is without cloak, but she does have a cloak accessory since forests at night can get cold. Maybe she needs a electric zapper for self defence as well?
I'm thinking that I will probably offer her as a print which folk can cut up themselves as well.

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Austin said...

please do offer her up as a print! I came here from your etsy and think your things are beautiful.