Saturday, 11 August 2007

Chinoise, commissions, general update

So at the moment my day job has been pretty hectic and i've been filling an order for a commission. It's a lot bigger than i'm accustomed to but it was very enjoyable so I may do bigger pieces in future. Below are some progress shots which are pretty rubbish, the weather has been overcast the last few days. If I can, I will post some better pictures soon.

I tried to keep the whole thing simple and uncluttered, the photos really don't do it justice (even if I do say so myself!).

I've also swapped Jimi Jumping jack for a bag and dress from the wonderful wonderful artist known as Unordinary on etsy. Her etsy shop is really just the tip of a very large iceberg however, check out her great paintings and dioramas here, as well as her blog here. Here's the dress - I LOVE it!

I took some better photos of the Jumpin Jimi before sending him off to her, here's one of them:

Meanwhile I want to get on and start this musical sculpturey type thing i've been gnawing over the last few months and i'll hopefully have the chance to do that tomorrow. Beautiful sunday! pure bliss. I'm also thinking of doing a bit of weird jeweller


sp said...

branching stream is wonderful, i really like your work. (i went here after seeing your profile on etsy). I would like to purchase it, but i have to debate with the boyfriend to find a good place to put it in our future flat :)

nillakitty... said...

Oh my, are there pictures of your tattoos up anywhere? Are they based on your own art? I must see! I love your work...