Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Nice things on Etsy

I don't often post stuff I like on Etsy, but I spend a hell of a lot of time on there and have a lot of favourites and freinds.

Louise Black's beautiful clothing:

Portrait of a hare by one of the best artists on Etsy (I think)

It seems like i'm not the only person with a moustache addiction. 'Somethings hiding in here' are now making these brilliant Moustache kits:

And this, possibly the best jewellery for my tastes ever, Margaux Lang's beautiful wares:

Aside from perusing beautiful things on Etsy, i've developed a very severe Facebook addiction. It's been great finding old freinds, catching up and also the fact that you know what your mates are doing 24/7. A revolution!

1 comment:

marlene heuer said...

i found you on etsy and love what you are doing!! keep it up, please!