Wednesday, 4 July 2007

General update and ramble

So, this morning I get up with horrendous hangover - I should really not let myself get talked into going out for 'a drink' on a wednesday night. I think I may be too old for white wine heh :) Anyway, a quick update. The last few weeks i've been going back to try and understand oil painting a bit better, using underpainting and then glazes to try and model an image. It's going ok, but it does take an age and a lot of patience to wait for a layer to dry. Will post pictures in progress soon.

Other than that I am still attempting to get music into an automaton and to that end have found this great site:
Where I am amazed by the sheer quantity of musical movements, one of which will find it's way into something I build i'm sure. But, seperately, they have this great site for organs you ever see anything like it in your life?

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