Saturday, 27 October 2007

Quick update

Thursday night's Glasgow Craft Mafia Party was great. Lots of good things to see and people to talk to. Unfortunately the Paper Forest did get a bit battered after two young men messing around nearby knocked it over ... twice! Fortunately it's fixable. Since then i've been finishing something off for someone and doing some beards...I just couldn't stop myself. One is just literaly a painting of a face with a beard...the, core principle as it were. I haven't scanned that yet but will soon. The other is an art doll of a Mystical Cowboy. He has a beard obviously. He's also vaguely camp looking, which is all to the good. Here's him scanned.

Haven't cut him out yet but will be doing soon and will post photos then. He's going to have a young girl companion, in the fine tradition of Leon.


Blaze said...

I love his color palette! Very beautiful!

a former customer said...

he looks like devendra banhart!!

artandghosts said...

......or, if you'll forgive me, russell brand!

really, your work is amazing, i would love to link to you:)

Lou ^_^

anitaa said...

it seems to me this guy mooks a lot like Devendra... No ?