Friday, 25 January 2008


I've been meaning to make a website for ages, and although this is really rushed, I felt it was better than nowt. It's just images with image map links - very remedial - but it serves it's purpose in it's limited way :) Here it is!

The theatre continues (In fact most of the website design is scanned part of the theatre) . I just need to glue parts in place now - I would have done this today except last night was my pal's birthday and we went out for cocktails - French Martini's - ever tried one? I highly recommend! Anyway, I woke up this morning with the worst sore throat (I woke up very early because I was having a dream that I was trying to eat some kind of sandpaper...nice) of course I also had the complimentary hangover with associated delerium. So, me andRobin went and bought fish and chips and then had apple pie and ice cream. Of course we also had a wee bit of whiskey to celebrate Burns Night ( Robin even managed to belt out one of his songs) - Here's a little Robbie Burns:

The Rigs 'O Barley

It was upon a Lammas night,
When corn rigs are bonie,
Beneath the moon's unclouded light,
I held awa to Annie;
The time flew by, wi' tentless heed,
Till, 'tween the late and early,
Wi' sma' persuasion she agreed
To see me thro' the barley.

Corn rigs, an' barley rigs,
An' corn rigs are bonie:
I'll ne'er forget that happy night,
Amang the rigs wi' Annie.

The keen eyed among you will know that this song is the theme tune for The Wicker Man movie.


The Craig. said...

An online flash butterfly creation tool please.

Rekoj said...

Love your new website! In this age of flash flash flash everything it's actually quite nice to have simplicity. Especially for an artist website where it's all about the work anyways. Lovely design!