Thursday, 17 January 2008

Another Theatre Update

Well, once again I feel like i'm fighting against the tide with progress, however some progress has been made! I have attached some bad pics of the progress - I always take pics at night after a day of working one something - I promise once complete there will be bright day light pictures!

A full shot - bit grainy, sorry

You can see the gold edging on the waves here

Some more details at the bottom

Hanging up, terrible photo but you can see the start of the outside decoration

A scene of chaos! I got half way through today and felt all glum because I couldn't move without standing in wet paint or gluing myself to my tea cup....Anyway, I abandoned the mess to eat dinner and blog and try to forget it exists! Till tomorrow!


paolability said...

Very nice!

Rekoj said...

It's coming along BEAUTIFULLY!
Complete gorgeousness... I just love your color scheme for this one.