Sunday, 27 January 2008

Very quick update

The last few nights i've been ill, so consequently i've been drawing and making little things rather than getting on with the theatre. Even so, the theatre is basically finished, it needs some varnish, it needs the front glued on instead of blu tacked...and so forth. Here's some shoddy photos...I'll take better ones soon.
The girl and her dragon completed

Unusual angle, you can see more of the depth - bad photo i know

Dreadful photo ok, but it shows the gold highlighting in certain areas.

I scanned all the parts of the theatre except the very back and reconstructed it digitally - gives a better idea of the different parts. I'm considering making a construct your own - smaller version. Not sure though - will take time to prototype making something like that.

So, here's some drawings - which are for sale in the shop now.

And here's the bear that at one stage was going to be part of the theatre, but it wasn't working out for him. So I dug out an old brass frame I got in an antique shop and put him in there, he looks quite regal. His name is Mr I Don't Know. He came about from a story my freind tells her daughter at bed time and he was a character I had to invent on the spot for this story. Anyway, he's also for sale in the shop.

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Rekoj said...

Gorgeous! I just love the sea monster.