Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Seven Random Things

I was tagged by the lovely InkAndGinger to list seven random things about myself - i've never done anything like that before, so why not? :)
  1. If i'm anywhere high, a bridge or top of a building, I have a fear that i'll suddenly throw myself off
  2. I wished when I was younger that I could grow a beard
  3. I've got a bit of a problem with taking up hobbies and then giving them up 6 months later
  4. My boyfreind makes all the food and is a great cook, if it weren't for him i'd be living on sugar sandwiches
  5. I have a book reading addiction of the highest order - mostly pulp fiction i'm afraid
  6. My favourite activity after painting is dancing
I tag - Elista , Asking For Trouble, Middle of Nowhere & Unordinary

On a totally seperate note, a very rubbish thing happened. About 3 weeks ago I sent one of the hand painted brooches to the very lovely Michelle.

It hadn't arrived after a long period of time, we were hopeful because I had to fill out a customs declaration and sometimes that takes time to get through, but when it still hadn't arrived I decided to refund. If it turned up later then great and if not - then a nuisance but maybe it would be returned to sender...Unfortunately, neither happened. It turned up with Michelle, minus the brooch, with an ironic 'We Care' message. The package had been ripped and as Michelle pointed out, it didn't look mechanical. How depressing.

From now on, no original work of any kind is being sent without being signed for/registered. It's really quite an upsetting experience, and I hope everyone else who might put stuff in the post will take heed from this! I've been entirely too trusting about posting things....and this is a good kick up the backside! Fortunately Michelle is a very understanding person and we're both just hacked off with the post system...it could have been so much worse.


Green Kitchen said...

Is it bad if I wish that the eye passes on some bad juju to the person who took it out of the package? You know, since they are not its rightful owner.

littlerobot said...

Perhaps it'll start a whole new series of horror movies? 'The Brooch'!

pen and paper said...

Oh, no! That's horrid. How unnerving - I might change my shipping requirements too. So far nothing like this has happened, but I always feel so anxious when I ship a package, especially since all my pieces are originals.

But the rest of the post was lovely, for what it's worth. :) Your list was really entertaining (and I feel the exact same way when I'm up in high places, or going up several flights of stairs).

anitaa said...

Too bad !!! This broche is wonderful, I have a passion for eyes in art and have shown a few posts about it on my blog.