Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Quick update

Well, the paper theatre continues afresh after a shaky start with a hang over and a juicy new novel....it's amazing how much time I can fritter away on that kind of thing! I have 2 weeks to finish this and I will post photos tomorrow once i've recharged my camera batteries. In the meantime I have a new Limited Edition Sea Life Print in the shop here. It's my favourite so far.

And I just recieved this lovely drawing from PenAndPaper. She also has a great blog here too!

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Holly said...


I've been visiting your blog on random occasions since I first saw your work in Etsy, and I wanted to say I really love your style! I take it as a sign of brilliance, when I look at art work and immediately run to my own drawing board..... which is why I've not left you a note before.

Your color choices, your use of line, and I think especially your balance between occupied and negative space are all very appealing to me.

I'm looking forward to seeing the completed paper theatre!