Monday, 30 June 2008

New Blog and - FEEDS!

Hello there!

I've started a new blog! aha! It's not a replacement for this blog it's actually a place where I blog about other art, music, anything I find inspirational and hopefully - other people will find something in it too! It's called Branching Streams.

Also, I have managed to put the Subscribe to links on the right hand side - some people have asked me about that before, so there they are!

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Elizabeth Haidle said...

hah! i was one of those people. thanks so much for putting the icon to the right - now that i'm subscribed i can keep in better touch, rather than relying on random reminders from my brain.

LOVE love love the 3-D fish.
do more 3D stuff!
i also am a fan of ikea frames, and am very sad now to be living 10 hours drive away from the nearest one. sigh