Sunday, 29 June 2008

A bit more

Managed to finish up a painting, just a bit more was added. I don't know what to call it....Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

I'm currently working on another similar style version. It's so incredibly enjoyable to work with more colour, and more natural things....And i'm being inspired by a book that Rima mentioned recently - 'The book of lost things' by John Connolly. A magical book - with a very dark twist.


Shayna said...

Beautiful! I get excited when i see you've posted:)

Rima said...

This is very lovely Lindsey :)
Glad you are getting inspired by that book... great innit? :)
Glad you had a nice trip to the waterfalls too...
We must come and visit you one of these days!
Happy painting x

Lady Lavona said...

I love the direction your new work is going! This is my favorite ever...SuperNatural! xo Lavona