Sunday, 8 June 2008

A bit of work

Hello! It's been ages since i've done any real painting or drawing. It seems like that anyway. I did manage to do two digital images for some freinds of mine's first wedding anniversary...Can you believe that both of the wee puddings asked me seperately to make them a surprise present for their other half? It was a bit of a nightmare secretly getting them both the printed images without me getting confused about which story i'd told who, and making sure they both agreed to the kind of images that would match! It was well worth it in the end I thought.

I have mostly been pottering around trying to decorate on a shoestring. It's a very rewarding experience, mending what I have, sewing covers with bright ikea fabrics, painting things in bold colours...I'm not sure it's anyone else's taste but it makes me smile.

I did manage some painting though, they'll be in the shop today.
One is this altered victorian photo which I painted at the Made in the Shade event mentioned below:

He is the Guru Albert Arkwright, the sage of Lancashire. Reknowned for his stoic silences and his wisdom on the nature of a good potato.

And a painting inspired by the wedding gifts and a visit to the botanic gardens, it's been donkeys since I painted a creature, it was a very pleasant experience!

If any colours look weird or too dark or anything then please accept my apologies! I have had to resort to my father-in-law's laptop as my other one has gone - the screen on this thing is horrendous so i'm saving up for a new one...Meantime I have no idea what the colours are really like here!

I hope everyone is having a grand old weekend. I'm off to amble about.


Erin said...

your creatures are marvelous! I can hardly wait to see what you put in the shop. And Albert-- I certainly am glad you picked a stoic potato-sage. What an excellent subject!
I don't think your colors are off, but I'm outside, so sometimes the sun makes images on my screen a little funny, so I'm not the best judge :)

Brahdelt said...

Just to let you know that I received your theater. I won't be assembling it for a while because I'm on the edge of a general renovation of the flat, but later I'm going to find a special place for it! Thank you! *^v^*

Rekoj said...

Colors look well and good from here - but of course I don't know the original colors to compare. Your new creatures are delightful! What a lucky couple to have recieved fish with a tophat and crown!! Their fishy expressions are just great =)

Donna said...

I followed the trail of breadcrumbs from Etsy... absolutely amazing work. Oh, for future theaters, you might consider investing in a cutter plotter. It would make short work of all the fiddley bits you do so well!