Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Some things

Recently I left my old job and started at a new company - The new job means I spend more time with a pencil or a wacom tablet in my hand - it's a great feeling. Although, I am shattered, I think I may be over-excited!

Anyway, outside of that, my work is changing slightly. Some elements of different paintings are merging together, i'm having a great time. Another tiny flutterfish - he's framed but I haven't powered my camera batteries up to take a photo yet, so:

But mainly i've been sketching - lots of women and butterfly wings, flowers, fish all just bungled into a big writhing lump (I'm not really selling this am I? :))

And from the last sketch, the start of a new painting:

Again, my monitor is dreadful, dpending on how I tilt it these images can look washed out or over-saturated - literally have no idea what they look like :) hey ho. Eventually i'll amass enough paintings to put some in the shop.


aramas said...

These look fantastic. I especially like the first one. (will you be offering prints?)
But the women are great too, Im looking forward to seeing where you go with them.
Keep it up!

Jess said...

Hi Lindsey, your artwork is so lovely and the colours you've used in the fish make them look like victorian prints - beautiful!

nillakitty said...

Uh... wow. Are you trying to drain my Paypal account? Because you're gonna.

Rima said...

Hello Lindsey - lovely lovely new stuff :) Bravo...
And I wonder - is this painting with oils/watercolour/something else ?
Hope you're well over there... is it foggy n rainy like it is here ...
x happy weekend

Monsieur-Pimpant said...

nice sketches, last one reminds me of some cover art from feist, the black figure i guess.