Monday, 7 July 2008

Update and a new breed

I just finished off a new creature, and rather than doing a 2D collage style, I decided to go 3D. Each part is hand painted on thick etching paper and then assembled and mounted on the background. I really love how he turned out.

Actually, in the second photo you can see just behind the frame is the old clock carriage which I attempted to do something with. As I was messing around trying to get a good photo (not managed, sorry about that) I realised a large fish of some variety would really work well in there! So, maybe i'll try that soon - so many things I want to do!

I've taken a scan of every part so I hope to eventually be able to offer him and other kinds of creatures ready for people to assemble and frame (or not) themselves. The frame is the excellent Ribba frame from Ikea. So cheap and so simple!

I'm away between Thursday and Monday so i'm going to try and update the shop on Tuesday 15th :)


Anonymous said...

That is most awesome. Very cool idea to make a Do it yourself kind of package. Always love hands on things.

Ciara said...

This is so amazing! Have I left a comment before? I meant to. I love your work!

ElegantSnobbery said...

coolest fish ever.

Rima said...

Wow, this is great Lindsey :) I love the idea of a three dimensional painting and the fact that you make kits for people :)
Also - exciting about your new blog, I'm adding it to my links!
We're off to Glasgow selling this weekend.. praps we'll bump into each other again!
Take care x Rima

littlerobot said...

Thanks for the nice words everyone!
Rima, probably will be nestled at home all weekend! Been running around all week like noone's business. I'm thinking of making a hat??? :) Love your new clock venture, beautiful!