Saturday, 19 July 2008

Shop Update soon!

I've been away at the Kyudo seminar, and have just got back. I had an excellent time there, very difficult on the muscles, but always worthwile. Anyway, the shop update is postponed till Monday. I've taken some better pictures of what I already have and also i'm currently making a totally different thing (something to wear!).

It's the last piece which has had me thinking. It's not the same as my usual images, in person compared to previous paintings it seems incredibly different. I thought I would like a hat like that, clothes like that. So I started messing around. Oh first of all, i'm repainting the beautiful marker lines for the Kyudo class as they got somewhat damaged in their journeys to Glasgow. They need reinforcing in black and then they're ready to go.

Back to the point, here's some photos of the materials I had around for making a hat or anything like the painting.

Amazing embroidered ribbon and an old suede jacket
Embroidery I tried on silk years ago. And some feathers
A Rabbit(?) paw with Amber(?) gem which I traded with the lovely and spectacular Lady Lavona, see her shop here.

Old cushions I bought a long time ago with some beautiful faded embroidery
With the feathers and ribbon, it's nice just putting them against each other
Some very old silk which was given to me and has a long history - to be treated with respect.

So I spent today putting things together. It occurred to me that I needed a doll or something to try things on, but there's only me, so I stabbed myself accidentally a few times and suffered for my art :P I've never sewn really, so I relied on temporary glueing a lot and then sewing. So far, I love what I have, I want magic in clothes, magic and history and a story to tell about each bit, and every bit of cloth has it. Some of them have been passed through 3 generations, it feels good to give them a new life, and to make up a new story.

I'll post more photos once it's finished.....and maybe something else, who knows.



Yay! I'm glad you like the pin! It's Scottish, and traditionally worn as a kilt pin...a symbol of the hunt. It's actually a grouse claw...a large game bird! (Cousin to the pheasant)

I can't wait to see my beautiful prints!

xo Lavona

Aryeh said...

nice stuff

. c h o k l i t . said...

OK, I've been lurking and enjoying your sublime work for a long time, and now I have to speak up... this latest batch of beautiful artwork is absolutely splendid! The colors, the complexity... I'm in love.


Ciara said...

I'm so glad I wandered in here!
I just adore these fabrics and textiles and bits and bobs together. I can understand why just playing with them and laying them out can be just so satisfying.

Mary Louise said...

Your art work is gorgeous!
<3 Mary