Sunday, 3 August 2008

Some more - capes?

Well, finally this weekend the sun has come out. It was alleged to be raining according to the weather man, but in Britain meterological science might as well be a case of seeing if the cows are lying down(rain), whether the sky is pink at night(sunny), whether you're getting a funny head(thunder) . It's really no wonder we're obsessed by the weather. The last few weeks it's been torrential rain/grey mist/roasting hot/blasting wind/suffocating stillness.

However, after all that, the sun is here and of course I celebrated by not going out at all but instead hunkering over bits of suede and old beads and sewing till my finger tips hurt.

The white cotton is very old, as usual, I prefer old fabric to new, even a bit stained and water-ruined. It's all pleated around a beaded and painted suede neck band.

The full effect can be a bit too much for going out but under a nice tux jacket it's dressed down and looks very nice.Some details. It's not finished, I want to do some more beading and painting and then i'll line it....Lining things is not something I enjoy. For a start I tend to hand sew - I have a sewing machine but I can't stand the noise or the aggressive march of stitches - It's daft I know. So everything takes forever, especially lining, and it has no aesthetic effect on the outside, so for me it's utterly boring.

Detail of the black pleated cotton neck - what? I don't know what to call it at all.

Some attempt at professionalism there. It's actually a nice little technique I aw in the Craft zine. Just take t-shirt transfer and iron it onto ribbon. It really works well!

This also looks nice and quite dressed down under a black jacket, however I don't have a picture of that as my camera started to flash it's 'I'm dying' light. This one is the only one really finished. The others all need some manner of finishing (the dreaded lining!)


Rima said...

Wow these are beautiful Lindsey :)
I think you're really onto something. I love the detail on them... you are very patient. For some reason my patience in artwork doesn't extend to sewing! I think these are great capeish things, you need to coin a name for them! When I used to work in a museum, we used to wear similar high collarish lacy things when we were in character that extended down the front... they looked like a high collar lacy shirt when you put a jacket on over the top, and there were cuffs to match!
Also great iron on label design there.... are you going to open a new shop for these creations?
Nice to have some sun wasn't it!
Not sure it'll stay tho!
Thanks for your nice words about the new clock :) xx R

sarahblank said...

oh my goodness, these are so amazing! I love your art on etsy and I found you here...
It's funny, in a totally different medium they go so well with you art.
I hope to see them in your shop!

nina said...

ohhh, beautiful!

littlerobot said...

Thanks so much for your feedback ladies!

Rima, I've thought about a different shop but i'm not sure? I don't know how long i'll carry on making clothes/wearable things so it's hard to decide...I think if it goes on much longer I probably will....Your clocks are looking divine by the way!

Sarah, I've loved your blog and paintings for a very long time! It's a funny i've always wanted to wear what my characters wear but only now started sewing's quite satisfying!

Nina, thanks!