Sunday, 17 August 2008

A new collage

I've been messing around with some new exciting ideas for my website, and part of that lead to me obsessively cutting each thing i've painted out from it's background using photoshop. My boyfreind watched me doing this laborious task on my laptop last night for about 2 hours and finally said 'You realise that's very anal don't you?', but if you want to do a thing, then you do it properly right? That's not anal is it? :)

Anyway, I also put quite a large collage together as a result of some of my obsessive cutting. It's going to be available as a limited print on a large A3 sheet of Hahnemuhle paper.

Today it's actually quite fine outside, and this always happens when i'm getting ready to spend the entire day indoors hunched over some panel...And that's exactly what I plan to do :) I have somethings to do on a commission and i'm going to try and revisit the old clock case I abandoned earlier this year. Rather than anything theatrical I am going to try some painting inside it...we'll see.


paolability said...

Tiny Sparrow is completely wonderful and definitely worth the effort of cutting the individual elements out in PhotoShop.

Presumably, now that the laborious cutting out is done, you can create new collages.

meg said...

that case is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you do with it.

Rima said...

Oo excited to see what you do with your clock case :) That's a wonderful work there.. :) I think obsessiveness to detail in artists is a great thing :) well done..
Hope you're surviving the deluges over there x R