Sunday, 5 April 2009


Being leisurely isn't something which works for me. I get cranky and uptight if I have to relax. Massages occasionally make me spasm. Anyway, with all that in mind i've been relaxing the last few weeks - spontaneously. I went for a walk by the stream and sat reading the paper today - presumably i'll have to pay for all this with horrible feelings of guilt sometime in the future. But not today anyway. Also, it's spring. Actual spring, with sunshine and bees and birds - it's such a blessed relief after a seemingly endless winter that it's a sacrilege not to go outside.

I wasn't entirely absent from the studio, but it was incredibly ambling.

Drank tea, sniffed incense

Sketched some bits.
Cleaned up the little altar. Sorely neglected these days.

Started on a small study for a future painting.

So that's it really - I am hoping the larger bird painting will start next weekend, it's easter so I have a longer break from work.

Hope you're all enjoying the start of spring x


RowanDeVoe said...

I so understand! I found your blog through Robin of "Passing Fancies". Oh my, the guilt I experience if I take a break is to much. If I get a massage(which I need from years of working on my art and in museums)I just feel so bad. Getting a manicure or pedicure makes me sweat. I can't even get my hair cut. If I take a walk or run, I am hearing a voice in my head and it is not nice.

That being said, I was out running errands today and I was so nervous to get home, get everything unpacked, clean up my place and studio and get to work. But, I fought the urge, got myself a fancy cup of coffee and visited my dear friend who is usually home bound after 3PM when her kids get home from school-and my mean voice can just shut up!

I love, love your art! Fanastic and amazing pieces and getting out and just thinking and chatting with friends really helps to keep new ideas flowing-tell that to your mean guilt voice!
take care!

encorepetite said...

I adore this new little sketch of yours. Already full of emotions and sensibility ...
x x x

paolability said...

I love LOVE the kingfisher.