Sunday, 22 March 2009

Not much doing

The last few weeks haven't been particularly frantic on the art front. I've mostly been fixing up furniture, painting some silhouettes on plates to brighten up the kitchen and general housey stuff.

Also, i've been trying to get a good fox print. The trouble with paintings on dark backgrounds which have gloss varnishes is that all of the flaws and bits of dust show up in the scan. So there was nothing for it but to cut the fox and all of the branches of the tree from the background...It's not that bad considering....I can sit on the very long train journey to work and do it slowly. It is tedious though, it's so far taken 4 hours and i'm only half done.

Hopefully it'll be worth it eh?

Also, I was very kindly asked if I would submit something to the indiefixx 'Feed your soul' Free Art Project. If you haven't heard of it yet, it's a really nice little project whereby each month several artists submit a piece of art especially for the project which is free for people to download and print for themselves. Go here to find out more!

Here's a small peek at the piece i'm submitting - it's a digital collage - heck i'm on the computer cutting for so many hours I might as well get some art from it :)

Hope you all have an excellent weekend...

Oh yes, and I forgot - the fox flowers have added to even more collages. There's now a print available in the shop using them - It is in a limited amount since i'm doing some gold highlights over it, and it takes a bit of time.


paolability said...

Ooh, I like the floral girl.

littlerobot said...

Thanks paola!

ArtSnark said...

great silhouette piece

pen and paper said...

Oh, cool! Your digital rendering is seamless.

D. Lindsey said...

I really, really love the dark rich colors you use.