Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Out in the open

The painting from the last post was in preperation for a very last minute group exhibition I tagged along with. The reason I wasn't saying much was that the lovely and talented Rima Staines is taking part, and the gallery owner thought we'd keep it'd be fun to keep it a secret till the last minute...Alas, he was invited out to tea and tortured for information :) (that last bit is sadly a fib). Unfortunately I couldn't make it along, too short notice, but it's a pleasure to be sitting beside her work...Especially given how fabulous her latest piece is!

Thanks all so much for the kind comments about the piece - I love it - it's brought about a whole ream of imaginings. Hot house flowers, thick petals, feathers dusty with pollen, giant red suns. Maybe it's the weather, the strange and unusual light and warmth. I feel tropical. Ridiculous of course, I think the temperature is about 7 degrees or similar...But what a winter it was. Any light is a blessing.

I just have a couple of things to report. The indiefixx Free Art project print (below) is now available for anyone to print to their hearts content here!

And I was given a lovely interview for The Sister Project here.


Rima said...

Hello Lindsey!
I am touched that you love my clock so much :) And want to say well don for your wonderful work too.. it is a pleasure to be exhibiting next to you and to see your paintings in the flesh.. which I have to say are so much more wonderful than the photos can show.
Bravo to you and here's to many sales :) xx R
A lovely interview too :)

ArtSnark said...

Great interview & Fab Freebie- thanks

Paola Zakimi said...

Great great great!, i will came for more! love your work!