Sunday, 30 March 2008

Some small progress

Today has been excellent. I managed to put wood panel into the back of the clock case, sand the inside, gesso it and start the first layers of paint for the background.

I also, out of the blue, started and finished 2 small paintings that hang together. They came about because I was asked to say a few things about anthropomorphism in my work for The Storque. And it occured to me i'm not that interested in attributing human characteristics to non-humans but the other way around. I love animal masks, and as I say in the article, this all started with the Wicker Man movie....It could have been a more impressive beginning I know! So i've been messing around sketching animal masks and head dresses and looking at other representations, like this gorgeous drawing by Ink and Ginger and the stills from the Wicker Man film, here and here and this Joanna Newsom photograph:

They all combined into these:

See Mr I Don't Know has been pelted! The poor wee devil. Two wood plaques, they're called 'The Queen and I'.......Some details:

I really liked them, and crucially I was so relieved to just have the time to make something after so long being unable to. It will probably turn up in the shop soon!

I'll post some pictures of the theatre progress soon!


Julz said...

Hi, this is my first visit here, I found a piece of your lovely artwork (an owl situation) somewhere on the internet and had to have a look at the rest of it.
Strangely, I've just started my final year of a fashion degree and two of my main inspirations for my final collection are twists and tangles, like the hair in your drawings, and the folklore of selkies, seal-people that become human when they cast off their skins...which crazily coincidentally your painting above is really similar to!
Anyway I just wanted to say, I really like your work.
x Juliet

Rekoj said...

Completely wonderful - they're gorgeous! And thanks for posting the inspiration pic - she is inspiring me too!

Jesse said...

Wonderful drawings!

electrasteph said...

I found your site on etsy - really wonderful work. I love what you're creating.