Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Long time no see!

It seems like ages since I blogged about anything of note. So here's some kind of update very quick (About to go to work!).

I'm taking part in a group exhibition called 'Toys' at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. Here is my submisson...I'm running late so I need to ship it asap!

He is called 'King for a day' - and is based on traditional French harlequin jumping jacks, infact his snazzy outfit is lifted almost directly from a fabulous one I found here. He has a wee bell on the bottom of his string so that he jangles when he jumps.

In other news, i'm currently producing a full size version of the Heart Revealed Theatre. I'm just test-constructing it now and then will list it. It's printed on A3 german etching paper, all the dolls are jointed and hung in the same manner as the original theatre and it has a few additional touches. The smaller one is very sweet and easy to put together, the larger one is, well, larger, takes longer to construct and so forth but is very beautiful - I think so anyway!


Lonnie Bullington said...

A very cool doll Lindsy. Are you going to convert him to a print so we can make him too?

Rekoj said...

He's completely wonderful! Congrats on sending off a gorgeous peice to a fun show!

Anonymous said...

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