Saturday, 22 March 2008

And the winner is...

Well, you guys have got some wacky ideas eh? Technicolor bunnies, native spirits, Ghosts, living toys. I sort of lied when I said I wouldn't steal your ideas, I did - well by accident, they just kind of lodged in my brain and i've got several sketches of different ones, which, I will post when I have some time - I hope really really soon!

Anyway, the winner is picked by a random number generator! So far we have 19 posts, although one of those is from that really annoying spammer who keeps posting naughty would really be the pits if (s)he won. Anyway, the winner is number 11! which makes it Lonnie but, since Lonnie already has one of these (bizarre eh?) then she will recieve something else which i'll think of and do asap! So, I must chose again! And it is number 4 :) Which is Joanna! I love your idea, it reminded me of Ernie Fosselius (What a name hey?) and his hand-made car with his hand-cranked automatons. He is actually a film maker by trade but there's such magic and charm in his hand whittled toys. A life like that seems to run completely against the speed and direction of the world in which we're living.

Special mention must go to Jo for being a fan of Benjamin Pollocks toy shop. For anyone who doesn't know about this place, it is a fantastical place, the museum and shop are seperate entities, but both celebrate the magic that is toys

A while back the toy museum almost closed, but has thankfully survived. I was blogged by the lovely Trish and as a result the toy shop now carries some of my Heart Revealed theatres and some Dark Forest dolls.

Anyway, I digress, Lonnie and Joanna I will be in touch!


Lonnie Bullington said...

Yippee! Thanks Lindsey! I picked out my treasure. You should have my e-mail. Thanks again for being so generous.

Brahdelt said...

Thank you very much, I'm so happy! I sent you me address via etsy. *^v^*

ultrablue7 said...

Hi Lindsey.
I really loved the Polock Toy Shop, and I used to buy my presents there when I was living in London.
In Covent garden there was this other museum and shop that was fantastic, all with automatas, but modern ones. It closed a few years ago, so now they do exibitions around and have this on-line store.

Maybe it helps you. ;)

Huge kiss!