Monday, 16 February 2009

Fox Scan

I was able to scan in the fox today. It still needs some touching up - the only problem with oils and glossy glazes is that tiny particles show up in the scanner against very dark backgrounds like this.

Clicking the image will show you a much larger version

I'm not 100% sure what this looks like on a regular screen as i'm on my elderly laptop. It may be a bit dark - I can change that later though.

One thing I was going to mention is that I will be outsourcing the printing of the paper theatres in the near future (not the dolls yet), it will no longer be on the etching paper which is incredibly expensive, but rather on thick 350gsm satin or matt card - one or the other. It'll bring the cost of the theatres right down. I'm wondering what people think about that idea?


sarahblank said...

Beautiful work, Lindsey. I love all the little, rich details. Your attention to detail is immaculate! Your work speaks stories and is so fascinating to me.


ArtSnark said...

Magical! Love the little crown

Kristian said...

Hey there. I was first introduced to your artwork via your Deviantart.
I just wanted to tell you how motivating your artwork is: I've been told often I have a coherent style; but it's all been developed through my experimentation of line work. It is good, and motivating to know it's possible to retain a provocative visual style outside of the use of line.

Your paintings are so delicate, and evoke feelings of vulnerability. You will certainly remain a favorite artist of mine for a good while.

nillakitty said...

Oh I can't wait! I love the fox soooooo much... and I think the theatre print outsourcing is a great idea...

donna said...

i love the fox.

the etching paper is really nice, but i think card stock would work just as well. and outsourcing is so much easier, and if it makes it cheaper that's a good thing too. will you be selling the heart revealed again?

and if you were to sell prints of the king fox, i'd buy it in a heartbeat.