Sunday, 15 February 2009


This is a really quick post to say thanks for everyone's lovely comments about the fox, it really does mean a lot to get feedback. He's pretty much dried now so he'll be scanned and photographed as soon as time (and battery charging) permits.

Meanwhile I am having a bugger of a time trying to get frames I like for my paintings. I have so far tried to bid on around 10 different frames on eBay only to watch in horror as their price soared to some ridiculous level....What happened to the good old days when we found bits and pieces in our attic and sold them at the car boot for £10?

Once upon a time, you bought old things in order to save money..Of course not in the case of fine antiques, but it was possible to buy something second hand at a reasonable price - not anymore. Old things are now 'vintage' and with that label you might as well double the price.

So i'm having to resort to clock cases. Even they seem to be selling for very high prices at the moment.

Picking through the stash of old clock parts i've managed to fashion a new frame for the next painting and have made 2 new frames with the help of my scroll saw...It's not fine sawing honestly but it has a rustic feel to it - hopefully I can swing it.

It's not a bad thing to make do and mend in fairness.

Also, a quick note about a new book released this month by Norma Toraya aka CrankBunny - It's called Paper Puppet Palooza and is full of great paper engineering projects. I was priveleged to have 'The Heart Revealed' featured in the gallery pages along with some other artists I love like The Pin Pals.


ArtSnark said...

I hear you on the frames. Between Antiques Roadshow & ebay the prices for so many great 2nd (& 3rd) hand things have gone through the roof it seems.

I actually pre-ordered the book on amazon & have been enjoying it for a few weeks now. Wonderful stuff!

Crankbunny said...

hehe, you should be getting a copy soon. I resent an email to the publisher to make sure everyone in the book gets their own!

donna said...
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donna said...

people must be making a fortune from the contents of their attics.

but anyway, the clock cases are so unique, the way you use them as frames.. they are so perfect for your work, and so much more interesting than pre-made frames..

and if you can make your own, too, it really adds to the piece as a whole.. that's it's all your own work.
i wish i had the skills to do that!

(comment posted twice.. sorry!)

Pseudoangela said...

Just a thought: my ex-boyfriend's mother is very crafty. She takes beautifully ornate table legs, and slices them in half down the middle. She then uses these to frame windows and such. Perhaps you could consider something similar?