Saturday, 27 September 2008

On being late

I'm always late, permanently. Late getting up, late getting home, late arriving and leaving. I'm also late picking out the person who won the head decoration wotsit - but it's picked, mr random number generator picked number 9, which is Erin! I do not have an email for you so please let me know your address by sending me a mail to!

Erin sugested this book which i've been eyeing up for a while actually, it's on my next pay cheque!

Just a wee mention of some of the other books sugested. I am a massive fan of Nabakov which Pen and Paper suggested - I'm keen to read about nabakov so "Speak, memory" sounds good, but the obvious jewel is Lolita

The other writer I wanted to rag about is Angela Carter as mentioned by Lady Lavona! I found her recently and am a total convert. She writes brilliant short stories, and the most interesting articles about women i've ever read.

Thanks guys for the book suggestions, you're going to keep me going!

I bought a beautiful but cracked wooden frame recently and filled them with these two poor wee possums.

I made some new brooches. One inside a silver setting, the other just on it's own with a brooch backing.
I tried out this same technique on a wooden plaque with one of my prints

It doesn't come across well in the photos, but you can see the woodgrain coming through, it's a nice effect.

Also, the King For a Day jumping jack is back with me:

The case painting is finished, not much has changed but it's varnish has finally dried and the butterflies are set in the bottom

I think that's it! There'll be updates to the shop over the coming week with all of these.


pen and paper said...

Oh! Look at the feathers on his little royal throat. What a beautiful diptych.

I can vouch for "St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves." It's a great collection of stories (and out in trade paperback, bonus). And I adore Angela Carter, too. Another book in this vein that is "The Word 'Desire'" by Rikki Ducornet, a lush, fantastic collection of short stories with the same surreal spirit as Angela Carter's work, but more satisfying in its own way. I think it's out of print but you can still order it on Amazon. (Can you tell I used to work at a bookstore? One recommendation just fuels a dozen more.)

littlerobot said...

Excellent, i'll look it up! If you have a dozen recommendations i'll take them all!

Heheh working in a bookstore - I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing for a book addict!? I worked in an art store attached to a bookstore *very briefly* (I was a disaster area - managed to pull down a string of framed art (Almost decapitating a customer), another large piece of framed art and crashed the computer in one day)

But I did get a discount while I was there, and let's just say, they made their money back on me :)


My heart is crushed to tiny bits and pieces that the original little king and queen sold! What an amazing frame! I was so busy I didn't have time to check in with you!

pomegranates said...

i just decided to visit your blog via another and saw that the book you are going to get, i just picked up yesterday. i blogged about it to at my art blog at . anyhoo, lovely things here!

Rima said...

Blimey you've been busy!
What wonderful ways you choose to set off your amazing work :)
I love Angela Carter too.. I recommend her collection of fairy tales.
And I am always late too... it's to do with my different perception of time ;)
Hello to yous over there... from us over here :)
R x

Erin said...

I am so excited. so so excited.