Tuesday, 25 December 2007

How sad am I? Plus - Creatures of the sea!

It's totally sad to be blogging and doing worky things on Christmas Day but there you go! I have had a great day watching 'Star Dust' - brilliant movie, funny and beautiful imagery.

Also I spent the day making collages for prints. They are a mixture of my art and old (royalty-free) nature prints, from Ernst Haeckel.

Fig 1. The all-seeing octo-eye

Fig 2. The sage of the sea

Fig 3. The kingdom tree

Fig 4. Shakespeare flutterby

Fig 5. The bee hive

Unlike all of my other prints I am only running a limited amount of these, 10 of each.


paolability said...

Really gorgeous.

Carol said...

Absolutely love these. And your brooches and everything else I've seen so far. New to blogging and so enjoying finding sites like yours. I love marine/fantasy animals. Happy New Year, Carol

anitaa said...


This is exactly what I would like beeing able to achieve.
If you check some of my work, you will see the same kind of themes : butterflies, insects, the eye...
This is very strange you work seems so close to my imagination (sorry if my English is too poor to express my feelings) :)