Monday, 25 December 2006

An Inventors Notebook

The great thing about Christmas, for me, is that I get some time off work to finally finish off some projects, or get one under way. The current project is an inventors notebook which grew up out of drawings like the Flutter Fish and Clockwork Fish and watching/reading about the adventures of Baron Munchausen.

A character started to form who is pretty Muchause-e-in but instead of having heroic sporting and adventuring incidents, this one is an inventor of - stuff. Totally random, unusable and illogical stuff. Some in-progress shots - sorry about the quality, lighting was terrible:

Some of the inventions so far are:

Clockwork flying fish
This can carry passengers and has 2 pilots. It's powered by an altered form of helium which is only a bit highly flammable.

The Philoshophicare
A portable philosophicating machine which has useful and practical answers for all kinds of people from the very Religious to Atheists - and also an average answer which is very helpful for people who like to hedge their bets.

I have one more to complete and then it will go in the shop. For a while I thought about having prints made of these and having them professionally bound. But I think i'll stick with originals for now.

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