Sunday, 24 December 2006

First post

This is my first post, to explain something about myself and why I am writing this blog. By day, 5 days a week, I work as a Flash designer. By evening, 7 days a week, I try to draw, paint, make things and sell my work on etsy ( The shop is a bit paltry at the moment, but I am currently working on a sort of 'invention' series with a one-off artists book currently being made.

So this blog is really to keep updates on what i'm working on, but also to keep a record of all the things I come across which are interesting or inspirational. I think and hope that there will be other artists out there who will also find them inspiring.


D.eirdre said...

.. I'm speechless. You are a seriously gifted craftsperson .. I started on today's post (Feb 25th) and was so engaged by your posts that before I knew it, I was all the way back to the beginning .. ..

Your style, your taste, your vision .. truly inspired and inspiring.

Antonio said...

My my...I also followed your blog back through time and was really impressed with your art, some truly beautiful stuff. I even stopped by etsy to show some support!

All the best in business & other fanciful things friend! Thanks for all of your (obviously) hard work.