Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Cards and that

Well it's christmas (yay!) and I have designed some christmas cards soon to go into the shop.

They aren't printed however! Ta-da! They are cut paper silhouettes mounted on thick coloured cards and they come with matching complimentary coloured envelopes. (I cut them using my amazing craft robo - sometime object of hate or love depening)

I have grainy shots, once I get a good shot they'll be listed. They are quite lovely in person.

There are 2 silhouettes and 3 colour combinations of each. They are mounted on foam pads so they stand out and cast a nice soft shadow. They'd work well in a frame as well!

These are all the combinations. I will be selling them in packs of 6.


pen and paper said...

Oh, WOW. These are so lovely, did you cut them by hand?

Mounting them on foam pads is such a good idea. I might have to borrow it from you sometime (with your permission, of course).

How have you been doing lately?

Erin said...

these are wonderful-- I love that they are papercuts. They are so graceful.