Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Quick update with grainy photos

Thanks for the encouraging responses! It's always the case that photos are taken last thing at night, and hence are all grainy - but today was great, I made (for me) a fair bit of progress, and i'm fairly happy with the direction it's going in, so to heck with it, i'm uploading my terrible last minute pics before I go to bed.

Briefly unsure about removing those front doors. Tried it out with the doors, and I liked something about it...mmmm,

She's not really waving, she's meant to be holding something - which will hopefully be made tomorrow.

Lovely waves

Blindfolded - yes this is the thing you see, she's meant to be asleep, dreaming :)


pen and paper said...

Oh wow, you really put that frame to good use. I love this new piece.

Erin said...

oh my. that's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Its so gorgeous!

Rima said...

I love this Lindsey, it's amazing!
Silly question: does it all move?

littlerobot said...

Thanks ladies! Rima, it moves but not mechanically alas. That plan is still in the rafters. I'm almost of a mind to commission someone else to do it for me - previous attempts have all ended badly unfortunately.